It’s always fun to find new terrain and explore it. I made it a goal this year to find new locations for memorable shoots. Come on, we know so many people that have barely explored Ontario. It’s a beautiful place.

I heard about sandbanks while getting a haircut. Just the name sounded appealing. I jotted it down on my list and had to wait for that perfect couple. Thankfully I had two willing clients that were up for anything… after a workout. Sarah & Andrew met at crossfit and it’s a huge part of their life. In the span of a few hours, we conquered Sandbanks. We had this ultra accomplished feeling at the end of the shoot. That’s how they should all end.

Sarah & Andrew, I couldn’t be happier to be part of your wedding. Your hearts are huge and I can’t wait to capture your special day.


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We had a destination in mind but the best part was the journey. I’ve been wanting to capture a sunflower field for years but everything had to be perfect… Time, weather and of course the sunflowers have to be in full bloom. I’ve been on a few crazy adventures this year and they just keep getting better. So lucky to have such incredible and willing people to photographer. Elyssa & Matt, I loved every second of our shoot and especially the dinner that followed.

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