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Getting hitched!

I will be away from the office until the first week of November! I will try to answer emails and messages as quickly as possible but might not have internet access.  For those that are inquiring about 2015 weddings, I am completely booked up and am currently taking 2016 inquiries only.

Cheers and thanks for dropping by,

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Melissa & Ryan | Waterfalls

Nothing compliments two beautiful people getting married like an incredible backdrop. We set out to explore a beautiful part of our province which will now be referred to as the “Hamazon Rainforest.” There’s a significance to Melissa & Ryan getting under the waterfall and it boils down to trust. This whole wedding adventure is something completely new but it’s two people joining together and starting new adventures together.

I won’t lie, I felt a little bit guilty and sorry for them. The second they hit the water, I was glad I was dry. BUT, that mind frame changed when I looked at the back of my camera. They embraced every second and the pictures speak for themselves. Memories for a lifetime.  Melissa & Ryan, you guys are the bomb. Loved everything about this shoot and especially spending the evening with you guys and getting to know you better. I’m extremely excited to be part of your big day.

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