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Tali & Edan

We set out to conquer a beautiful part of downtown.  We used all the beautiful summer lighting to our advantage and the results paid off.  If you’ve seen me take pics, sometimes there’s stuff that stands out from the rest.  For this shoot it was sun shining through buildings and framing Tali & Edan perfectly.  Anyway, during these little spurts I get very nervous and antsy.  I get this thought in my head that the lighting will change in seconds and I’ll never get the chance to get that scene again. Most of the time things remain the same and I just end up with 100′s of pics in a two minute stretch:)

I loved how we all shared the same excitement.  Tali & Edan were so awesome to spend the evening with.  They were up for anything, including eating donuts, climbing stairwells, getting on statues, pretty much anything.  I’m so thrilled to be part of their special day.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by,


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Abbey & John

Life is unpredictable.  You never know what happens next but what defines us is what we choose to do when the unexpected comes.  The forecast showed less than a mm of rain for the evening and we never even thought of postponing the shoot.

When it came pouring down in buckets Abbey & John weren’t phased.  They embraced every second and it made for incredible pictures.  This is a true testament of their personalities and to be part of their wedding means the world to me.  I love how this shoot stands out from the rest.  I’m sure that when they’ll look back, nothing but smiles will come to their face,


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